Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” on the IX International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investment. Prospects”

During December 2-3, 2021 the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee held the IX International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investment. Prospects”, the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” being one of the organizers.

Due to the epidemiological situation, for the first time most of the events were conducted online.

The Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” invited guests from Belarus and Russia to participate in the Forum, while Mr. Priyanshu Jha, the International Informational Attorney of the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” in Asia and Middle East, provided active participation by a delegation from India.

During the Forum, members of the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” participated in the following international conferences: “Innovations and Industry”, “Promising Economic Clusters within FEZ “Vitebsk”, as well as held a presentation during “Week of Cooperation between the Shangdun province and the Vitebsk Region”.

The industrial potential of the Region was represented by the following FEZ “Vitebsk” residents: Vitebskdrev JSC, Vityas JSC, PA Energocomplekt LLC, Display Design Office JSC, Polotsk-Steklovolokno JSC, VMG WoodArt LLC, Akitama LLC, Belkarolin LLC and VIC-Animal Health FUE.

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