A Delegation From Namangan Region (Uzbekistan) Visits the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk”

A Delegation From Namangan Region (Uzbekistan) Visits the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk”

On June 25, 2019 a business delegation from Namangan region in Uzbekistan led by Ayubkhon Kamalov, Deputy Khokim of Namangan region, visited the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” as part of their visit to Vitebsk region.

The Uzbek delegation learned about the terms and conditions of implementing investment projects within FEZ “Vitebsk” and about the industrial potential of the resident enterprises. The guests expressed their interest in further cooperation with a number of FEZ “Vitebsk” residents.

During the meeting FEZ “Vitebsk” and FEZ “Kosonsoy Pharm” (Uzbekistan) signed a Cooperation Agreement.

For reference.

Namangan region borders on the West with Tashkent region, on the South-West with Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan, on the East with Andijan region, on the South with Fergana region and on the North with Ala-Buka district of Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan.

The population of Namangan region exceeds 2.6 mln people.

The region has a developed silk and textile productions, footwear manufacturing, cotton processing. There is a car repair workshop, chemical plants and electromechanical enterprises, dried fruits factory. The main agricultural produce of the region is wine, cotton, fruits and raw material for silk production.

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