Unitary Manufacturing Enterprise "Vitebsky Mekhovoy Combinat" - a New FEZ "Vitebsk" Resident

As of December 28, 2018 the unitary manufacturing enterprise "Vitebsky Mekhovoy Combinat" (Vitebsk Fur Factory) is a registered resident of FEZ "Vitebsk".

In 2013 UME "Vitebsky Mekhovoy Combinat" joined as part of the leather and footwear holding company "Marko". After a substantial reconstruction and modernization of the plant a new euro-class enterprise was established with modern production of clothes and accessories from fur, sheepskin and pelts.

The implementation of the new investment project by UME "Vitebsky Mekhovoy Combinat" as a FEZ 'Vitebsk" resident.will help to attract investment in the main capital, increase the output of the export-oriented goods and create new jobs.

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