Business partners

Official representatives of FEZ "Vitebsk" abroad

  • Igor Solomakho — official informational attorney of the Administration of FEZ "Vitebsk" in Russian Federation

  • Priyanshu Jha — official informational attorney of the Administration of FEZ "Vitebsk" in Asia and the Middle East
    Tel: +375 333753333 

  • Ilhomidin Yakubov — official informational attorney of the Administration of FEZ "Vitebsk" in the Islamic Republic of Iran
If you are interested in the conditions of conduct of business in the territory of FEZ "Vitebsk", we recommend contacting our "Representatives"

Cooperation agreements

Structures and individuals assisting in development of business plans and their further support

  • Vitebsk Marketing Center ( Vitebsk, Belarus);
  • Consulting Group of the Vitebsk Business Support Center, Belarus, Vitebsk;
  • Vitebsk Center for Regional Research and Development, Belarus, Vitebsk;
  • "BKС" Consulting Center, Belarus, Minsk;
  • Institute of Independent Expertise of Investment and Credit Projects (INEP), Belarus, Minsk;
  • Audit and Consulting Group "Qualitet Audit", Belarus, Minsk;
  • Interdisciplinary Institute for Independent Expertise of Investment Projects (MINEIP), Belarus, Minsk;
  • Republican unitary service enterprise "Agency for Investment Development and Promotion", Belarus, Gomel;
  • "Tekhnopark "Gorki" (Technology Park "Gorki") LLC.

Foreign economic structures of foreign countries

  • Dutch Investment Promotion Center (Netherlands);
  • Center for International Development "Business without Borders" (Finland);
  • Representative office of the German Economy in the Republic of Belarus. (Belarus — Germany);
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Estonia);
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia);
  • Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lithuania);
  • Shaulyai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lithuania);
  • Vilnius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lithuania);
  • Estonian-Russian Chamber of Entrepreneurs (Estonia — Russia);
  • Belgian Export Credit Agency (Belgium);
  • UE "Intermesecontact" (Belarus — Germany);
  • Belarusian-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Belarus &mdash Poland).

Foreign economic structures of the Republic of Belarus

Ministries and departments of the Republic of Belarus

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Ministry of Taxation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus;
  • National Agency for Investment and Privatization of the Republic of Belarus.
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