Sector plans

List of FEZ “Vitebsk” sectors
Sector 1 (Vitebsk, Zhurzhevo) Vitebsk 716.1265 hectares
Sector 2 (Vitebsk) ("Vityas" JSC) Vitebsk 97.0656 ha
Sector 3 (Vitebsk) Vitebsk 10.6937 ha
Sector 4 (Vitebsk) Vitebsk 106.011 ha
Sector 5 (Vitebsk) Vitebsk 89.449 ha
Sector 6 (Postavy) Postavy 11.5385 ha
Sector 7 (Vitebsk) Vitebsk 5.1289 ha
Sector 8 (near the Kopti-Kosachi villages) Vitebsk region 100 ha
Sector 9 (Orsha) Orsha 150.7297 ha
Sector 10 (Baran) Baran 36.6737 ha
Sector 11 (Bolbasovo) Bolbasovo 592.4982 ha
Sector 12 (Orsha) Orsha 27.9047 ha
Sector 13 (Orsha) Orsha 41.0636 ha
Sector 14 (Polotsk region) Polotsk region 302.4243 ha
Sector 15 (Novopolotsk, Borovukha) Novopolotsk, Borovukha 83.3319 ha
Sector 16 (Miory) Miory 37.2931 ha
Sector 17 (Dokshitsy region) Dokshitsy 15 ha
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