"Vityas" JSC

"Vityas" JSC
Address: Vitebsk, P.Brovki Str., 13A

Establishing high-tec production of charging stations for electric cars as well as medical equipment and devices in 2017-2021.

Industrial sector

Radio electronics.

Economic activity

Manufacturing of equipment to receive, record and play sounds and images.

Output goods

  • Electric vacuum cleaners;
  • DVD players;
  • Electric kettles;
  • TV antenna "Vityas";
  • Supports;
  • Remote controllers;
  • "Vityas" sattelite TV broadcast systems;
  • Tuners;
  • Heat fans;
  • Air purifiers;
  • Quantum therapy device;
  • Electropuncture therapy device;
  • Versatile illuminance meters;
  • Rebreather;
  • Satchel fire extinguisher;
  • Stereomonitors;
  • Wood beds;
  • Halls;
  • Tables;
  • Bedside-tables;
  • Stools;
  • Wall shelves;
  • Wardrobes. 
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