For Your Consideration: the Purchase of “Krupenino” Recreational Center

The following offer is extended to any potential investor interested in the purchase of “Krupenino” Recreational Center, located on a shore of the picturesque lake Borovno, 30 km from Vitebsk and 230 km from Minsk, in the vicinity of the M3 road (Vitebsk-Minsk).

“Krupenino” Recreational Center can be used as a rehabilitation center for health promotion of the population as well as a leisure center.

The center was opened in 2000. The total area of the territory is 10.04 ha. The operation of the facilities is supported by the local source of artesian water, deferrization station, water treatment facilities, owned by Vitebskvodokanal. The heating is provided by the boiler, located within the center.

“Krupenino” Recreational Center includes:

  • 3-storey hotel complex for 40 guests, that also includes the dining block with a 3-room café on the ground floor and a bar on the first floor;

  • a dormitory block for 80 people with a conference hall;

  • 3 cottages;

  • bathing complex;

  • a summerhouse with a kebab rotisserie;

  • a wooden house for the staff;

  • an entrance checkpoint;

  • a garage

The detailed description of these facilities can be found here.

The remaining cost of all the assets of the “Krupenino” Recreational Center is 4.3 mln BYN (around $1.7 mln).

If you are interested in the offer, please contact the Administration of FEZ “Vitebsk” (e-mail:

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